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Lockdown Sketches

During lockdown I was not able to go out sketching and painting with the two groups I belong to.
One of the groups, Urban Sketchers Cape Town, suggested that we sketched what we saw at home, so I went into my garden in Plumstead and sketched there. 

Garden Sketch 1

I really enjoyed spending time in the garden and observing the plants and insects! I discovered that we have two resident lizards.

Garden Sketch 2

Sketch 3 was done after a visit to the nursery. I put the little plants on the table outside and they looked so good I had to sketch them.

Garden Sketch 3

The fourth garden sketch shows the doorway to my outside studio with some of my still lifes inside.

Garden Sketch 4

The fifth sketch was done inside. I decided to sketch some of the things on the kitchen dresser.

Sketch 5 – Kitchen Dresser

The sketches are all A5 in size. Happily one of the sketching groups has started up again and I look forward to joining them soon!

Protea Village

Our sketching group visited the site of the old Protea Village for a few weeks in a row in the spring of 2019. The arum lilies were flowering and the abundance of trees makes it a very attractive spot for artists.

The area has a history which not everyone may be aware of . Protea Village began in 1834 on the farm Protea. After the establishment of nearby Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in 1913 many of the villagers worked there. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s the people of the village were forcibly removed under the Group Areas Act. Many of the former residents or their descendents have finally won the right to return to the area and plans have been drawn up for the area.

Protea Village in days gone by.
Stone Cottages near Kirstenbosch

Three stone cottages remain from the village days. The sketch above shows two of them with the mountain towering behind them.

The Church of the Good Shepherd

The community built the little church on the corner of Rhodes and Kirstenbosch Drive from stones from the nearby Liesbeek River.

UK Sketches

I went to the UK last month and visited family and friends in England. Also spent a week in Wales hiking and sightseeing. There wasn’t much time or opportunity to sketch but I managed these two.

Canterbury High Street

Betwys – y Coed Station

My Garden

I enjoy our small, wild looking garden and recently did this A5 sketch of part of it. We are having a drought in the Cape at the moment, and are not allowed to water the garden with hoses, so to save water we keep the plants alive with buckets of bath water.

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