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ArtB Tiny Treasures 2021

Every year the Arts Association of Bellville holds an exhibition called Tiny Treasures. The Tiny Treasures are small works of art, limited in size to 20 x 20 cm. For ArtB Tiny Treasures 2021 I made four oil paintings of mountain paths. This year there was a selection and I was very happy that ArtB chose my works for this exhibition.

A track in the northern Cederberg

I have been hiking in the mountains for years and because I take a lot of photos, I had a large number of images of paths to choose. The first thing was to choose the right images, but that took a while. I needed to have shadows on the paths to give them depth. There also had to be something interesting to look at in the direction the path was heading.

A path in the Silvermine section of the Table Mountain National Park

I started by sketching the outlines of the paths and mountains on the canvas and used a black acrylic Posca Pen for this. The marks are quite strong and as intended, some of these marks remained visible once I started painting. Working on all four at the same time and moving from one to the other, I ensured that they all have a similar colour palette and work together as a set.

A path in the northern Cederberg

I really enjoyed painting these little works for ArtB Tiny Treasures 2021 and as I’m even more inspired by mountains now intend to do some more mountain paintings for my next body of work.

A path on Table Mountain

The exhibition is online only and ends on the 24th of July. All the works are up on the ArtB website https://www.artb.co.za

My 2017 ArtB Tiny Treasures are on this page https://lindahoweelyart.co.za/2017/08/12/


I discovered mountains when I was an art student. A friend invited me to come on a Mountain Club of South Africa meet, and I discovered a new world! I have taken photos on most trips but it is only relatively recently that I have really painted mountains.

Some scenes can be painted over and over, as Cezanne found with Mont Sainte-Victoire. I have not tired of the wonderful view down the valley from a spot called Bergriviersnek, in the Jonkershoek. I have done four versions of this view so far, below is the biggest one.

Jonkershoek View
Jonkershoek View

Apart from the sheer beauty of mountains and their shadows, the other things that fascinates me is cloud over mountains. Recently I did two horizontal works of ridges in cloud and mist.

Eagle's View
Eagle’s View
Mountain in Mist
Mountain in Mist

Another recent work was of the view from high up on the Camps Bay side of Table Mountain.

I have also done many sketches while in or near the mountains and hope to do many more!

Tiny Treasures Exhibition

Four landscapes exhibited at the Tiny Treasures Exhibition at the ArtB Gallery, Bellville, in July. Each one is 20 x 20 cms and are painted in oil on canvas. This is an annual event organised by the Belville Art Society as a fundraiser. There were many beautiful little works on the exhibition.

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